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BOMA Baltimore Endorses Retail Electricity Provider, Constellation

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Baltimore (BOMA Baltimore) has selected Constellation as their endorsed retail electricity provider. The association, which has over 300 members, has endorsed the provider in order to present their members with a more strategic approach to managing the purchase of electricity and reducing their electricity costs in Maryland.

Association members will benefit through flexible and customized purchasing options and plans, superior customer service, educational programs, a myriad of interactive energy management tools, and transparent, multiple bill-pay options.

Members that choose to sign up with Constellation will enjoy more flexibility that most other providers have to offer for building owners and operators. Since buildings and properties are bought and sold on a regular basis, signing a contract with a retail electricity provider becomes complicated since the contract may expire well after the building is sold – which can lead to hefty early-termination fees for the building’s seller.

Through the partnership, Constellation has eliminated this worry by allowing members to opt-out individual properties from their contracts as they are sold. Members will also benefit through the provider’s forecasting and budgeting tool, which allows members to view their total electricity costs (including supply, distribution, and other fees) by property, utility, or portfolio.

Constellation has partnered with associations such as BOMA Baltimore for more than 15 years. Contact your building association to inquire about partnerships with Constellation and other retail electricity providers.