Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Education can help customers switch electricity providers

In the face of economic hardship, many Americans are trying to figure out where they can cut costs and save money. For residents lucky enough to live in a deregulated electricity market, they have the option to switch energy providers in the hopes of saving money.

However, multiple choices mean that customers must be more educated in order to make their best possible selection.

"The wonderful thing about energy restructuring is that it offers customers a choice and a chance for real energy savings," Marjorie Kass, managing director of marketing at MXenergy said in a statement. "However, with that choice also comes a responsibility to educate one's self and ask the necessary questions to make sure you are selecting the right supplier for you."

Customers are urged to thoroughly examine each potential energy provider's offers by researching the company's website and other outlets for insight. A company's philosophy and level of service should also be factored in.

According to the company's website, MXenergy is one of the largest electricity suppliers in North America, serving 15 deregulated markets in the U.S. and two in Canada. MXenergy also provides natural gas to a number of territories.