Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Comparing electricity prices key to cutting bills in Pennsylvania

There is a growing movement among many businesses to attempt to control their electricity costs, reducing costs through the use of more energy efficient technology and other means.

But Annette Durnack, the director of retail energy at electricity provider PPL EnergyPlus, told Smart Business Philadelphia that one of the keys to controlling these costs in Pennsylvania is comparing electricity suppliers.

Since the implementation of electricity deregulation a growing number of companies are offering a variety of different service packages often featuring lower electricity rates, but also offering different pricing schemes that can sometimes be suited specifically to the electricity needs of a company.

"Each business uses electricity differently, so it stands to reason that each business has a particular product or service that is best suited for its needs," Durnack explained. "For example, some businesses use more energy at night than they do during the day. Others may use large amounts of electricity for short periods of time."

According to, businesses have led the way on switching electricity providers in Pennsylvania, with 33.6 percent of commercial customers and 71.2 percent of industrial customers all making the change, compared to only 24.8 percent of residential customers.