Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Customers looking for choices from electricity companies

In the past, electricity has been treated very much like a public service, with people paying their electricity bills and then largely forgetting the issue. A new report from global consulting firm Accenture, however, points out that more customers are looking for more choices from their electricity companies.

The report surveyed people from around the world on the view of utilities and other electricity companies, but more specifically about their preferences in the types of products these companies offer.

What the report found above anything else was that customers preferred having a variety of options, allowing them to compare electricity rates for different programs based on a range of important values, from use of green energy to encouraging customers to conserve.

"What is certain: there are significant opportunities for energy providers who can master the customer experience, who understand what consumers value and that can develop innovative offerings that blend the optimal mix of products and services, such as renewable energy sources, different rate structures, energy management technology, and other energy or non-energy-related products and services," Greg Bolino from Accenture's Resources Management Consulting Group told BusinessGreen.

Electricity deregulation has already given many in the U.S. this opportunity as businesses increasingly compete through product innovation.