Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Energy provider supplies wind energy to customers

Independent energy supplier Clearview Electric recently announced it plans to expand its Northeastern footprint by expanding into Massachusetts, where it will offer customers a package that includes 100 percent wind energy.

According to SouthCoast Today, the Dallas-based company plans to buy the power wholesale, then sell that energy to residents in Massachusetts. Jansen White, a Clearview spokeswoman, said the company will continue to use the utility grid and power lines to deliver the electricity.

"If customers do choose to switch to Clearview as their supplier, they will not experience any interruption of service," she wrote. "The customer's local utility will still be responsible for the safe and secure delivery of their electricity service."

Clearview's reach has extended beyond Texas to include Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, all of which have deregulated energy markets, allowing residents to compare electricity rates before the make the decision to switch electricity providers.

Several choices are available for Massachusetts residents through the ClearGreen option, which Clearview expects to be wildly popular in the Bay State.

Massachusetts has had a deregulated market since 2005, however the push for such a competitive energy environment goes back to 1998, when the laws were first introduced.