Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Illinois Residents already have the choice to save on electricity

As residents of Illinois consider how to approach electricity deregulation in their state, two energy consultants spoke out strongly in favor of keeping choice in the market.

Angela Smith and Tracy Haley wrote for the Rockford Register Star that residents should vote against electricity aggregation, the recent trend in the state for cities to search out lower electricity rates for their citizens.

While towns have touted the potential to save on electricity bills, the two warn that many of these aggregation policies do not allow residents to opt out once they have signed into the program.

Meanwhile, Illinois already offers residents the option to compare electricity providers, with 21 different electricity companies offering services in the state right now. The move toward aggregation comes only now that residents finally have some substantial choices other than their utility companies.

Already, a huge number of residents have decided to make this shift. According to PlugInIllinois, nearly 317,000 people had switched electricity providers as of this January, up from only 1,351 a year before. And many of those people have been able to save substantially more than what towns are offering their residents.