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Integrys sees growth through electricity competition

Wisconsin residents still do not have a choice in electricity suppliers, but one Wisconsin company has taken advantage of the opportunities deregulation presented in the region, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Dan Verbanac, president of De Pere, Wisconsin-based Integrys Energy Services, told the Journal Sentinel his company has made a point of pursuing customers beyond its traditional territory since nearby states allowed customers compare gas and electricity rates.

In particular, Integry has made a major push into Illinois, where electricity distribution was opened up to commercial customers in 2007 and residential customers in 2011. Since entering the market in April, Integrys has attracted more than 25,000 customers with anywhere from 15 percent to 20 percent lower electric bills.

"We were a pretty early entrant into the [residential] choice markets in Illinois," Verbanac told the Journal Sentinel. "There's definitely savings for customers."

The Peoria Journal star reports some towns are pushing to allow for local governments to negotiate in place of residents, but as it stands consumers can still change electricity companies on their own.

Integrys also offers competitive gas services in Wisconsin, where only certain segments of the gas sector are deregulated, but the company's largest growing endeavor is in solar electricity.