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Landfill gas will help drive down electricity rates for Pennsylvania residents

A new plant will soon open that will generate energy by burning landfill gas that will provide electricity for the Borough of Chambersburg, which in turn will drive electricity rates lower, the Chambersburg Public Opinion reports.

According to the media outlet, construction has begun on a methane-powered plant that will absorb gas from the IESI Blue Ridge Landfill in Green Township. Once connected to infrastructure in Chambersburg, it will begin supplying the town with 15 percent of its total electricity needs in January.

The energy project is in line with the city's plan to diversify its energy resources and reduce the town's overall costs associated with supplying electricity to residents and businesses.

Before 2002, Chambersburg residents received their electricity from West Penn Power, but after energy deregulation laws went into effect, the borough was able to shop around and compare electricity rates, which led them to sign a five-year contract with a retail energy provider.

According to Pennsylvania Live, the competitive energy market in the state has been regarded a success, allowing many energy users to switch energy providers.