Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Reliant joins forces with EcoFactor to offer customers greater savings

EcoFactor, one of the top residential energy management companies in the country, recently inked an agreement with retail energy provider Reliant Energy that allows it to give customers the option to compare energy plans, such as smart energy managements programs.

The program was developed in an effort offer customers a way to save energy while lowering the strain on the electric grid. The two organizations came together to help customers fight off high electricity bills and to lower the overall risk to the energy grid.

"Many of our energy services partners are looking for ways both to increase customer satisfaction and improve the way they manage the demand for electricity on the grid," said Roy Johnson, CEO, EcoFactor. "Adding EcoFactor to their portfolio of services will help Reliant meet those goals and better manage energy consumption peaks."

The new service will enable EcoFactor to adjust Reliant customers' thermostat settings to an optimal temperature that will keep their homes cool, but still lower electricity demand. In turn, the customers will see a lower electricity bill due to the lower amount of electricity consumption.

Reliant Energy is one of many retail energy providers that have implemented new programs that not only save customers money, but also help power companies better manage the electric grid.