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Residents still have options even as towns offer plans

With dozens of towns around the state of Illinois deciding to let their local governments negotiate lower electricity rates, the FrankfortPatch reports many residents will have to decide whether they want to choose their own electricity provider.

Electricity deregulation in Illinois has finally allowed customers the opportunity to switch electricity providers instead of relying exclusively on their local utility companies.

The recent move toward electricity aggregation offers to bring lower electricity rates without necessarily shopping for the a provider, however, many customers are concerned that they will not have an opportunity to make their own choice if they find a better deal.

The FrankfortPatch, however, notes that Illinois state law requires that residents be allowed to opt out of the program if they want. One Illinois town that implemented the policy last year has seen 3 percent of its residents opt out in favor of either the utility company or another retail electricity provider.

According to PlugInIllinois, more than 376,000 residents have already switched electricity suppliers, but that number is likely to climb even higher in the coming months, particularly with the number of people who will get new electricity providers through their towns.