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San Francisco introduces green option for residents

San Francisco has put forward a plan allowing it to compete with California electricity giant Pacific Gas and Electric Company, according to The Bay Citizen.

San Francisco has made several attempts at creating its own electricity provider to provide competition with PG&E, but has regularly come up against opposition. With the introduction of plans to invest in new solar and wind power plants, most of these complaints have been withdrawn and the proposal looks ready to be implemented.

The new CleanPowerSF will be operated by Shell Corp and plans to offer 100 percent renewable electricity. At present the company has enough capacity to provide power to as many as 75,000 residents.

For the time being, PG&E would retain lower electricity rates than the new power supplier, but the plan would allow residents the option to compare rates between the two on the basis of their environmental impact. Electricity bills for CleanPowerSF customers will rise between $9 and $75 depending on their energy usage.

Overall, The San Francisco Examiner reports that the program could potentially cost San Francisco as much as $19.5 million, though that includes a penalty for early cancellation of the program.