Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Stream Energy encourages electricity users to switch energy providers

Retail electric provider Stream Energy was recently certified by Green-e Energy to become one of the several electricity suppliers that offer power derived from renewable sources, and is encouraging residents to compare electricity plans to determine if making the switch to green energy is right for them.

The Center for Resource Solutions announced on August 15, 2012, that it had awarded Stream Energy its renewable energy certificate (REC), allowing it to expand its customer base.

"With this new renewable energy product, Stream Energy has the potential to introduce many new households and businesses to clean, renewable wind power," said Alex Pennock, manager of Green-e Energy. "By increasing voluntary demand for green power, Stream Energy is helping move us closer to a cleaner, greener future."

The Dallas, Texas-based company first secured its retail electric provider license in 2005, and has since been working to attract new customers, helping it become one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

According to a recent analysis performed by the Texas Chamber of Commerce Energy Association (TCCEA), since Texas implemented its energy deregulation laws in 2002, electricity rates have remained essentially unchanged. Given the rate hikes that have appeared across other parts of the country, this is a testament to the effectiveness of energy deregulation.