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Texas electricity company announces discount electricity rate special

Houston-based retail electricity provider Bounce Energy announced early this month it would be holding its HVAC Pre-Summer Special, which was available until May 15.

The incentive program aimed to lure customers in with perks to ready their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems before the summer heat sets in. The goal, Bounce says, is to help customers prepare for unexpected electricity expenditures this summer.

Those who sign up for the program will receive consultation services for an Energy Audit of their HVAC system at no cost, while Bounce will also lower its total electricity rates by dropping the monthly service fee during June, July and August.

By signing up for the plan, energy users will receive a stable electricity rate that will be protected from rising energy prices for 12 months.

Texas, which has partial choice deregulation for electricity, has been home to a number of retail electricity providers that offer similar programs. As more energy customers become aware they can compare electricity rates, providers are looking to establish such incentive programs, often touting a fixed energy price for a contract period.