Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Connecticut Retail Electricity Provider Reduces Rates

Gulf Oil LP’s Gulf Electricity service has reduced its electricity rates for residential customers in Connecticut who choose to make the switch. Residential and small business customers switching from the utility are expected to save $35-$45 for the duration of a 12-month contract. For customers that have switched to a high-cost retail electricity provider, the savings can be even more.

Gulf Electricity will offer rates at $0.072 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), roughly 6% below Connecticut’s largest utilities, United Illuminating (UI) and Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P). Currently, the average Price-to-Compare for UI utility is $0.07697/kWh, while CL&P’s average Price-to-Compare is a similar $0.07615/kWh. Both utilities’ average Price-to-Compares are not scheduled to change until July.

The retail electricity provider is also offering more incentives to switch, including its Power Points program that offers gasoline rewards. For every 5000 kWh that a customer uses, he or she will receive a $5 pre-paid gas card that can be used at and Gulf Gas station.

Gulf Oil LP one of the fastest growing American companies that supplies petroleum products and other fuels across the United States and its territories. Gulf Electricity was established in early 2012 as a retail electricity provider servicing residential and small business customers in the deregulated areas of Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts.