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Duke Energy Donates $10,000 to Nonprofit

Duke Energy provided a $10,000 grant to Southbank Partners, a nonprofit riverfront development coalition. The donation will fund the creation of Taylor Creek Overlook, turning a once concrete desolate space into a green sanctuary. That contribution adds to the $1.8 million in Transportation Cabinet funds approved by the Kentucky Legislature in the 2012 General Assembly’s legislative session. The project is expected to be completed in 2014.

Planting Trees In Park “Some good things are happening,” said Jack Moreland, president of Southbank Partners.

Moreland said the concrete area between Joe’s Crabshack and the Chart House was deteriorating and had to be fixed. Instead of leaving the finished product as just a culvert, Southbank Partners proposed creating a grassy park that overlooks the Ohio River and will eventually become part of Riverfront Commons.

“Right now, all it is is a scrub area,” Moreland said.

The grant money will fund the greenery on the top of the Taylor Creek Overlook, a part of the Riverfront Commons – a $1.8 million river trail planned along the Northern Kentucky riverfront. It’s an expansion that Southbank Partners has been working toward since convincing a legislator and the Transportation Cabinet that green space was needed on the banks on their side of the Ohio River. The park will feature an overlook plaza with sculptures, benches and telescopes along with trees and underbrush.

Duke Energy stepped forward without solicitation to contribute to the project.

“We applaud Southbank Partner’s efforts to work with these communities on a project that will enhance the riverbank area between these cities and provide a new green space venue in Northern Kentucky,” said Rhonda Whitaker, director of government and community relations for Duke Energy, Kentucky.

The funding is an environmental grant that will benefit customers in Bellevue and Newport.

Duke Energy is not the only energy-based company taking a stand for non-profits. Other energy leaders such as Bounce Energy and Direct Energy have also donated money to non-profit causes. It’s a joy to see energy companies taking a stand for the well-being of their community