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Maryland Energy

Despite proud ownership of a nuclear plant (Calvert Cliffs) and a strong renewable sector (mostly hydroelectric), Maryland seems to be paying a pretty high rate for its electricity. No matter what part of the state you’re from, you can probably agree that it would be nice to shave a little money off that monthly electricity bill. Fortunately, makes it easy for you to navigate the electricity market and walk away with the best deal possible.

Changing Over

You can instantly save money on your monthly bill simply by choosing an alternate provider to sell you your electricity. If you do switch providers, there are a few different things to consider when making your decision:

  • Rate. What is the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour?
  • Variability. Does the rate stay the same for the length of my contract, or does it fluctuate with the market?
  • Length. How long of a contract am I signing?
  • Bonus. Does the company offer any extra incentive to sign up with them?
  • Source. What type of power plant is producing the electricity I’ll be getting?

Signing up with a new provider won’t have much of a functional impact on your electricity supply. Your power comes across the same wires, and receives the same protections and guarantees as it did before. (I.e., you’re not at risk of sudden blackouts when your new company turns out to be unreliable). The only major difference you’ll see is the savings on your monthly bill.

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