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Best Electricity Rates

Best Electricity Rates

In the confusing world of electricity retailing, is here to help you find the best electricity rates of your area. Alternative suppliers may send salespeople from door to door, but they rarely bring the hard data that would allow you to determine which company actually offers the lowest rate.

Energy consumers in states with deregulated markets have the ability to compare electricity rates from different providers. Although they will still receive energy through the infrastructure of the local utility company, they have the right to choose a different company to supply the electricity. Using, any business or homeowner has the ability to search through the available companies and find the best rate.

Elements of Your Decision

To find the best electricity rates in your area, just your zip code into the box at the top of the page. Homeowners will see a list of providers in their area, as well as the rates they’re offering. Business owners can do the same thing, but we can also take your information and use it to find out about special rates that may be available to you.

There are a few important features of these plans to think about:

  • If you are selecting an electricity provider for your household, the first thing to notice is the dollar rate, usually expressed in cents per kilowatt hour. At this scale, the difference between ten and eleven cents can add up to a very noticeable savings on your annual power bill.
  • Finding the best payment strategy isn’t just about finding the best electricity rates in the short term. You’ll also want to think about variable vs. fixed electricity plans. A fixed-rate plan stays at its current point until your contract expires (at which point there may be a large change). Variable-rate plans will fluctuate monthly along with the market. Some providers offer compromise plans in which only some of the electricity is billed at a constant rate. Signing up for either type of variable-rate plan is likely to save you money compared to the default bill from your utility!
  • You may also want to pay attention to signup bonuses and electricity sources. If you want renewable electricity from, say, a wind farm, you may be able to find a company offering exactly this type of product. The rates for renewable power are sometimes (but not always!) higher than those for other types.

The Future of Your Electric Bill

Now that you know how to get a better deal on your energy bill, you’ll never have to go back to paying your utility company’s default prices. When your contract ends, you will have the opportunity to go through the same process: check for a new list of suppliers and prices. If another company is offering a better contract, you can easily switch to them. The site constantly updates its information about electricity suppliers, so it’s worthwhile to check back if you’re still shopping around.

If you live in a state without deregulated energy, things won’t change quite as quickly for you. But don’t give up hope! Federal legislation allows all states to restructure their electricity markets, and your state may soon decide that it’s time to experiment with an open playing field. will be ready with pertinent information as soon as new options become available.

To find the best electricity rates in your area, simply enter your zip code into the box at the top of the page. You can use this site to compare electric rates or just to get information about the different providers operating in your area. You can also navigate directly to information about electricity information in different cities and states.

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