Compare Electricity Rates and SAVE

Compare Business Electricity Prices

Compare Business Electricity Prices

Your business stands to gain a lot by finding a new electricity provider. If you’re facing an open electricity market, almost any company can offer you a better deal than your default electricity supplier—that is, the utility company that operates the power lines.Businesses represent a different type of customer for electricity companies because they consume a higher volume. Business contracts are consequently more valuable for energy retailers. They’re also more likely to change, since a business might shrink or—hopefully—expand.

All Over the Map

Although electricity is a fairly standard commodity, different consumers can pay rather different prices for it. These prices vary according both to location and to the type of consumer. Comparing business electricity prices reveals a lot about the market as a whole.

The consequences of geographic variation are obvious: Hawaiians all pay a lot for electricity because it’s hard to get it to them; the rates in Louisiana are very low.

There are clear differences in the prices paid by different businesses throughout the country. Prices are overall lowest for the industrial sector, because large operations can negotiate for cheaper rates on their power. Meanwhile, the transportation sector has its own price idiosyncracies.

The Process

Comparing business electricity prices can be a little more complicated than selecting one option from a list. It’s a good idea to send out your information to multiple different retailers and collect bids. If the contract seems worthwhile, the companies may compete with each other and drive your cost down. Most energy companies have well-staffed customer service departments full of people able to help you get a good deal on your electricity supply.

You can also make choices about an electricity company that you want to do business with. If your brand already has a green slant to it, you may benefit from partnership with a renewable energy company. No matter what company you choose, your local utility company is still responsible for ensuring consistent service. You’re also still protected by existing laws governing electricity service.

The same basic considerations that any consumer might have when choosing an electricity company are still in effect. You’ll have to decide whether you want a variable or fixed contract and how long you want that contract to be.

Whatever your business’s size or needs, can help you get a better deal on your electrical service.

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