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Energy Production Information

At Compare Electricity, we bring you all the latest information on energy sources and production in the United States. Want to find out more information on energy sources in your area? Type in your zip code below.

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Energy Production Information

The United States is one of the top producers of energy in the world. It has a long history of producing energy from many different sources that are renewable and nonrenewable. The majority of energy today is still produced by fossil fuels including oil, coal and natural gas. However, due to technology advances and a more environmentally conscious population, renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power, biomass, and hydroelectric power are beginning to become more popular. Each state produces energy differently based on resources available and environmental factors.

Some states like Texas, Florida, and California create energy from a variety of different sources and export energy to other states. Others rely on just one or two sources being imported in because they can’t produce enough energy to meet demand through the resources available in their state.


As energy deregulation continues to evolve and spread, we here at are working to keep you up to speed on all of your options at the state, city, zip code and utility level. See what's around you below:


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