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Energy Usage

How much energy do residents and businesses in your state use? Energy usage varies great from state to state and city to city. Compare your location's average energy consumption with the national average.

Compare your area's energy usage to the national average

Energy Usage In Your Area

Americans are one of the world leaders in energy consumption. By understanding how much energy you are consuming you might be able to find ways to cut back and save money on your energy bill. We use energy for just about everything these days; from powering electronics to keeping businesses up and running.

Americans produce over 91% of what they consume and may not need to import from other countries in the near future. The 3 major fossil fuels we use are natural gas, petroleum, and coal. Renewable energy currently makes up 12% of the total energy usage but has been growing substantially in the last 20 years.

In the US, the transportation sector uses the most energy followed closely by the industrial sector, residential sector, and the commercial sector. gives you the tools to compare your energy usage to your neighbors, state, and the national average. See below for more information on energy usage.

Example Location: Newark, New Jersey

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Monthly Energy Usage for Newark, NJ compared to the national average.


Average energy usage varies by state due to a number of environmental factors. Select a state or city below to view the average energy usage for residents in that area.


With more energy efficiency and technology advances, energy usage continues to evolve. Stay up to date by checking out our latest articles and videos regarding energy usage.

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