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Choosing Wisely in Annapolis

Annapolis is the capital of a state with a nuclear plant and a fairly substantial renewable energy sector. Hydroelectric power is the largest source of energy within this category, coming from dams like the one in Conowingo, to the north.

If you’re still getting power from BG&E, it might be time to consider switching to an alternate provider; can be your guide through this process.

Making the Change

You can change your electricity retailer without much risk and with a high potential benefit. Your power still comes across the same wires; the only the thing that will change is your monthly bill. There are a few different elements that you’ll have the freedom to select when you sign up with a new provider:

  • Rate. Rather than accept the rate of your local utility, you’ll be able to choose between companies offering different rates. Keep in mind, though, that the initially listed price may not be the one you pay. Other, less obvious factors, may actually be more important.
  • Variability. Some plans have a fixed rate, which means you save if prices go up and lose out if they go down. Others change along with the market. In a sense, these variable plans are safer, since they are likely to save you money relative to your current plan?
  • Length. Do you want to sign up with this company for one year, two years, or some other amount of time?
  • Bonus. The company may offer a bonus to customers signing a new contract.
  • Source. You may be able to choose a company that gets its electricity from a source you support, such as a wind farm.

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