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Xpress Natural Gas Partners With Hess Energy Marketing and Direct Energy Business

Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) announced plans to partner with Hess Energy Marketing (HEM), which was recently acquired by Direct Energy Business (DEB), to deliver compressed natural gas (CNG) to off-pipeline industrial and commercial businesses and institutions in the state of New York.

The partnership between XNG and HEM combines the largest marketer of natural gas in the eastern United States and the largest provider of trucked natural gas for industrial and commercial use in the United States. Together, HEM, DEB, and XNG will accelerate the availability and benefits of natural gas to their customers, resulting in savings of 20%  or more on their heating fuel costs.

The companies are currently working together to develop a compressed natural gas production facility and distribution terminal in eastern upstate New York. That facility is currently undergoing a permit process and is anticipated to have completed construction and be fully operational by September 2014.

When operational, the CNG terminal will employ up to eight full-time employees, and will result in the creation of nearly 100 related jobs in the area.

“By combining resources with HEM and Direct Energy Business, we dramatically expand our ability to rapidly bring low-cost trucked natural gas solutions to customers across New York state,” said John Nahill, president of XNG. “New York has taken a leadership role in encouraging the adoption of natural gas both as a low-cost and environmentally sound solution to lower carbon emissions.”

Nahill adds, that together, the companies solve two of the biggest concerns in the New York business community right now, with a solution that enables companies and communities that currently lack a gas pipeline to realize the same savings, retain and grow employment, and compete more effectively.

“With our recent acquisition of Hess Energy Marketing, we are uniquely positioned to combine our resources with companies such as XNG to create a standout dual fuel business in the United States,” said Maura Clark, president of Direct Energy Business. “We look forward to collaborating with XNG to provide much-needed natural gas to help New York state businesses and municipalities save money on their heating fuel costs, and, in addition, create jobs in eastern upstate New York.”

XNG operates the largest fleet of high-capacity all-composite CNG trailers in North America. The company currently offers both LNG and CNG service across New England and New York, with customers ranging from industrial manufacturing to colleges to hospitals to local utilities. XNG also provides service to eastern Canada, and is the only provider both licensed to export trucked CNG by the U.S. Department of Energy, and licensed to import trucked CNG by the National Energy Board of Canada.

DEB has earned a position as a leading competitive energy supplier across North America by delivering on its commitment to help businesses of all sizes capitalize on energy choice through competitive pricing, flexible product options, industry expertise, and superior service. DEB is dedicated to offering customized electricity and natural gas products and pricing options, advocating for energy choice in the regulatory policy arena, and providing businesses with unparalleled advice and service.