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Ohio Electricity

Ohio is not only ranked #2 nationally in solar manufacturing, but also has one of the highest rates of energy consumption in the United States. Cities all over the state use renewable energy; Hamilton is poised to become the biggest municipal provider of renewable energy in the Midwest.

With all the renewable energy options out there for Ohio residents and businesses it’s a good thing the state decided to become deregulated!

Using the Market

Remember, no matter which company you choose, the power you receive will be coming from the same wires as before. This means that even if you choose a start-up, or less renowned company, you still have the same guarantee of receiving your electricity as before.  There are a few different variables to consider for these contracts:

  • What rate is the company offering?
  • Will that rate change from month to month?
  • How long is the contract?
  • Does the company offer a bonus for signing up with them?
  • Where does the energy come from? (e.g., nuclear or solar?)

Even after selecting a new company, households will receive their electricity through the same wires as before. They’ll be protected by the same guarantees from their local utility and government. The only difference to them is the savings on their monthly bill!

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