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Pennsylvania Energy

Over one million Pennsylvanians have already compared electricity rates and have changed their electricity provider. Pennsylvania is one of the many states that have allowed their residents to decide who they want their electrical provider to be.  Pennsylvania is also investing in five projects in five counties for the purchase and installation of alternative energy solutions that will reduce costs, recycle waste and help Pennsylvania meet the Chesapeake Bay nutrient requirements.

Knowing the Game

If you decide to change electricity providers the most important rule to follow is to make sure you ask the right questions. There is a perfect company for your needs out there – you just need to find it! The following is a list of questions you will want to ask during your search for an electric provider:

  • What rate is the company offering?
  • Will that rate change from month to month?
  • How long is the contract?
  • Does the company offer a bonus for signing up with them?
  • Where does the energy come from? (e.g., nuclear or solar?)

Remember, no matter which company you choose, the power you receive will be coming from the same wires and the same place as before. This means that even if you choose a start-up, or less renowned company, you still have the same guarantee of receiving your electricity as before. The only difference will be all the money you save on your monthly bills!

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