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The Texas Electricity Scene

There’s a whole lot going on right now in the Texas electricity market. On the supply side, there’s a huge supply of oil and a rapidly growing renewables industry—powered by the wind and the sun.

There’s now also a competitive market for energy retailers, all competing to offer Texans a good deal on their monthly electricity rate. It’s possible that deregulation has lowered prices for the whole state; what’s certain is that you can take advantage of it.

Get in the Game

You can save money in this new energy economy by investigating an alternative provider in your area. Here are a few questions you should ask about each contract you consider:

  • What rate is the company offering?
  • Will that rate change from month to month?
  • How long is the contract?
  • Does the company offer a bonus for signing up with them?
  • Where does the energy come from? (E.g., oil or wind?)

Signing up with a new provider won’t endanger your electricity supply. Your power comes across the same wires, and receives the same protections and guarantees as it did before. (I.e., you’re not at risk of sudden blackouts when your new company turns out to be unreliable). The only major difference you’ll see is the savings on your monthly bill.

Below, you’ll see a list of companies operating in Texas. is also ready and able to provide you with more specific information based on where in the state you get your power.

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