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Sources: Flint, MI 48554

Michigan residents use a variety of sources for their energy. Coal is still the leading energy source with about 50% of residents and businesses using it for their energy. Natural gas usage has more than doubled in the last decade in Michigan and should continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Less than 10% of Michigan residents rely on electricity for heating their homes in the winter. Wind leads the way for renewable energy in the state. Michigan has 24 utility wind farms operating as of 2016. For more information on Michigan's energy sources, see the graph below.

Sources for Flint, MI 48554

Michigan produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

    • Coal is the main source of electricity generation with half of Michigan residents using it as their main source of electricity
    • Natural gas has doubled in the last decade and should continue to grow for the foreseeable future
    • 75% of the energy generated in the state comes from the lower peninsula
    • 3 nuclear power plants supply nearly 30% of the electricity generation


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