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Sources: Waco, TX 76707

A lot of the energy produced in Texas comes from the Waco region. Texas leads the nation in crude oil production, natural gas production, and total electricity production. Texas also leads the nation in wind energy. Texans get a lot of their electricity from coal and rank 7th in the country in coal production. Over 40% of energy comes from natural gas and Texas is home to more than 1/4 of all natural gas reserves in the US. For more information on Waco's energy sources, see the graph below.

Sources for Waco, TX 76707

Texas produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

  • Texas leads the nation in producing crude oil, natural gas, and overall energy production
  • Texas has 29 oil refineries that can produce over 5 million barrels of crude oil per day
  • TX leads the nation in natural gas production and hold 25% of all the natural gas reserves in the US
  • A rapidly growing wind energy initiative in TX has resulted in in 18,500 mW of installed capacity


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