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Sources: Portsmouth, NH

New Hampshire hosts the largest nuclear power plant in New England that produces over half of the state’s electricity. Renewable energy is also growing in the state with 17% of energy generation coming from solar, wind and hydroelectric plants in 2016. New Hampshire renewable energy portfolio requires that 25% of the energy production comes from renewable energy sources by 2025. For more information on New Hampshire energy sources, see the graph below.

Sources for Portsmouth, NH

New Hampshire produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

  • New Hampshire has no fossil fuels, all fossil fuels used in NH are imported
  • New Hampshire has the largest nuclear energy plant in the northeast
  • Biomass accounts for nearly half of all renewable energy generate in New Hampshire
  • Natural gas usage has nearly doubled in the last decade

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At Compare Electricity, we are dedicated to bringing you all the latest videos to keep you informed about Portsmouth’s energy usage and trends. Here is the latest video on the NH electricity sources. New Hampshire residents rely mostly on Nuclear Energy as their primary electricity source. 10% of New Hampshire residents are seasonal residents and another 8% use wood fire to heat their homes in the winter. For more information on New Hampshire energy source, see our latest


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