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Sources: Shelton, CT 06484

Shelton, CT is in Fairfield County which is the most populous county in Connecticut. The county contains some of the largest cities in CT including Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, and Danbury which make up nearly half of the county’s population. Shelton, CT produces energy from a variety of different sources. The most abundant sources being motor gasoline, natural gas and distillate fuel oil making up over 90% of energy production. Other sources include LPG, jet fuel, other petroleum and wood and waste.

Sources for Shelton, CT 06484

Connecticut produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

  • In 2016, more natural gas was used to heat Connecticut homes than nuclear power.
  • Connecticut receives its natural gas from interstate pipelines
  • Biomass fuels 3/5 of Connecticut’s renewable energy production
  • Coal production has dropped from 10% a decade ago to less than 1% today

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At Compare Electricity, we strive to bring you all the latest news and videos on the Connecticut energy market. Shelton, CT residents are typically very energy efficient. Connecticut as a state is the 6th lowest energy consuming state per capita in the US. For more information on Connecticut energy usage, check out the video below.


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