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Sources: Waterbury, CT 06722

Connecticut residents and businesses get their electricity from a variety of sources. There are no fossil fuels in the state, all fossil fuels used by CT residents are imported from states around the region. Connecticut residents use to rely heavily on their nuclear power plants to produce energy but more residents are using natural gas from Pennsylvania now. Connecticut has a diverse renewable portfolio that includes wind energy, solar energy, biomass and hydroelectric power. Connecticut is home to large woodlands and landfills which makes it ideal for producing biomass. For more information on Connecticut's energy sources, see the graph below.

Sources for Waterbury, CT 06722

Connecticut produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

  • In 2016, more natural gas was used to heat Connecticut homes than nuclear power.
  • Connecticut receives its natural gas from interstate pipelines
  • Biomass fuels 3/5 of Connecticut’s renewable energy production
  • Coal production has dropped from 10% a decade ago to less than 1% today


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