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Sources: Lancaster, PA

Lancaster residents get their energy mainly from coal, nuclear power or natural gas. The sate is the 3rd largest electricity producer in the US behind Texas and Florida. With its vast rural areas, wind energy is a top renewable energy producer in the state. However, due to declining prices, most of the new renewable energy in the state comes from solar installations. Natural gas has grown significantly in the last decade. Pennsylvania now supplies many northeast states with natural gas to heat their homes. Nuclear power is still the dominant source in PA and is only 2nd to Illinois in total nuclear power generation. For more information on Lancaster energy sources, see the graph below.

Sources for Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA produces energy from a variety of sources. Here are the state’s current energy sources and energy production trends.

    • Pennsylvania is the 2nd largest nuclear energy producing state behind Illinois
    • PA is the 3rd largest supplier of electricity in the country behind Texas and Florida
    • While coal is still a main source of energy, natural gas has risen significantly in the past decade
    • Wind and solar energy are the primary sources of renewable energy in the state.


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