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Solar: Chicago, IL 60606

Compare Electricity has developed a solar score for Chicago, IL to help residents and businesses determine if a solar installation is a viable and cost-effective solution. The solar score is based on a combination of many different factors. Illinois is slightly below the national average in solar viability. The Chicago area is slightly less viable for solar installation than the rest of the state. The Chicago metro area doesn't receive as much direct sunlight as the rest of the state. This is due to smaller average rooftop size, building obstructions and clouds of Lake Michigan. However, the region does receive the same sunlight as the national average making it potentially viable for a solar installation. For more information and to assess your specific situation, fill out a solar quote below and one of our solar energy experts will help you determine if your home or business is viable.

Solar Score for Chicago, IL 60606

Chicago, IL Solar Score: 71

Compare Electricity has developed a solar score for Chicago, IL residents and businesses of 24. This score is based on on a combination of factors including how much sun the area receives, roof space and obstacles that may obstruct the sun, electricity generation needed to be cost-effective, and more. Here is a description of each section of the solar score graph:

    • Red = “Not Viable” meaning a solar installation would not be cost-effective.
    • Yellow = “Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself over time.
    • Green = “Very Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself quickly and has large savings potential.

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