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Solar: Pittsburgh, PA

Compare Electricity has developed a solar score for Pittsburgh to help residents and businesses determine if a solar installation is a viable and cost-effective solution. Pittsburgh received a solar score of 15 which means it is typically not cost-effective for Pittsburgh residents and businesses to install a solar energy solution. Only about half of Pittsburgh residents could fit a solar solution on their rooftops and are unobstructed from direct sunlight. This is lower than the state average of 70%. Also, Pittsburgh is in the western region of PA, an area that typically receives less sunlight than the rest of the state. However, a solar installation may still be viable for some residents and businesses. By filling out a solar quote below, you can find out if your address is suitable for a solar energy installation.

Solar Score for Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA Solar Score: 46

The Solar Score represents how good of a candidate you are for a home solar installation. We take into account a combination of factors specific to your area. Using these factors, we can determine how long it would take for a home solar installation to pay for itself. has received a solar score of . Below is a description for each area of the graph:

    • Red = “Not Viable” meaning a solar installation would not be cost-effective.
    • Yellow = “Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself over time.
    • Green = “Very Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself quickly and has large savings potential.

Featured Video

At Compare Electricity, we strive to bring you all the latest news and videos on the Pittsburgh energy market. In our latest video, we detail energy sources generated in Pennsylvania. PA is 3rd in the nation in electricity generation with an abundance of natural resources. The 3 main sources that makeup for over 90% of the electricity generated in the state come from nuclear power, natural gas, and coal. In this video, you will learn more about the renewable and non-renewable sources in Pennsylvania.


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