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Solar: Rockford, IL

Compare Electricity has developed a solar score for Rockford, IL to help residents and businesses determine if a solar installation is a viable and cost-effective solution. The solar score is based on a combination of many different factors. Rockford is located on the northern border of IL. This region doesn't get as much sunlight as the southern region of IL. On average, Rockford residents get 4-4.5 kWh of sunlight per square mile per day which is on par with the national average. An estimated 70% of Rockford homes and businesses could fit solar panels on their rooftops and are unobstructed from direct sunlight. If all of Rockford's solar potential was used, it would save 975K metric tons of carbon emissions. Overall, the region is viable and cost-effective for solar installations. See more information on the solar score below and fill out a solar quote.

Solar Score for Rockford, IL

Rockford, IL Solar Score: 48

The Solar Score represents how good of a candidate you are for a home solar installation. We take into account a combination of factors specific to your area. Using these factors, we can determine how long it would take for a home solar installation to pay for itself. has received a solar score of . Below is a description for each area of the graph:

    • Red = “Not Viable” meaning a solar installation would not be cost-effective.
    • Yellow = “Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself over time.
    • Green = “Very Viable” meaning a solar installation would pay for itself quickly and has large savings potential.


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